New Commissioner: Victoria Akinseye (8C02)

Victoria Akinseye (8C02) is a long-time Washingtonian who serves as a government information specialist in the US Department of State.

Akinseye said she decided to run for the ANC in order to serve the public and be a voice for the people in her community. She is advocating for cleaner and safer streets, community policing and community development for her neighborhood.

Specifically, Akinseye wants to fix illegal dumping and littering around the community to make it a cleaner, safer place for residents. Skinseye frequently participates in city clean up events such as cleaning up roadside litter.

She believes that her communication skills will help her serve her single member district and keep her neighbors informed. She will keep “one foot in the present and one in the future” as she seeks to provide realistic, innovative change to benefit Ward 8 community members.

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