LoveVi Only

Love Yourself First & Everything else will follow

Who We Are

Establishing, Raising, Nurturing Future Mentors, Community Leaders, and Community Advocates amongst our youths within the DMV

The LoveVi organization was created to provide advocacy, youth development training and services for the disadvantaged youth

population such as low-income, and or homeless population, at risk youth, first generation college students, returning
adolescents, and youth with learning disabilities in ward 8. The organization was established in April of 2020 by Victoria Akinseye.

Our Approach

We Facilitate Safe Learning Spaces

The goal is to create a space for discussion forums that provide opportunities for older youth to express their thoughts freely in a safe environment. Promote and teach practical life skills such as money management, sexual health, and conflict resolution that our

youth may face in the real world. As well as, offering additional community services and enrichment opportunities, such as cleaning the community, field trips, theaters, sporting events that will allow youth between ages 12-21 to broaden their horizons and enjoy their adolescence years. 

— Our Mission

Transforming our youth one day at a time through teaching, mentoring, and love.

— Our Vision

To be able to prepare the youth in succeeding in school and real-life situations,through mentoring programs with trusted adults

in their lives who can act as a positive influence and provide emotional support and guidance.