Because Only Together We Can

Build a World Where All Youth Are Safe, Strong & Valued

Who We Are

The LoveVi organization was created to provide advocacy, youth development training and services for the disadvantaged youth

population such as low-income, and or homeless population, at risk youth, first generation college students, returning
adolescents, and youth with learning disabilities in ward 8. The organization was established in April of 2020 by Victoria Akinseye.

What's New

LoveViOnly is raising a crowd-funding backed 0% loan on Kiva. I am currently in a public fundraising period. The funds from this loan will go towards buying additional bulk merchandise for the LoveVi brand which promotes positive affirmations including self-care and self-love, which helps generates revenue for the mentoring program. Also, the loan will be used for content branding, marketing including social media ads, office supplies, payroll software upgrade, consulting/accounting services, and community engagement events. Contributions from family, friends, and supporters helps prove my creditworthiness and build momentum in my campaign. Currently LoveVi is being backed by Kiva’s wider community of 1.6mm lenders in the public sector because 10 of my friends and family lended $25 or more during my private fundraising campaign.  

What We Do


— We Create

LoveVi Only creates a space for discussion forums that provide opportunities for older youth to express their thoughts freely in a safe environment.


— We Establish

We establish new relationships with adolescence and parents to gain a better understanding on how to build on strengths and remove barriers to success for our youth we serve.

— We Promote

We Promote and teach practical life skills such as money management, sexual health, and conflict resolution that our youth may face in the real world.